SEO Copywriting

What is SEO Copywriting?

Let’s say you want to order a pizza, but you are in a new city and do not know which restaurant serves the best pizza. Using your Smartphone or computer, you type “best pizza Edmonton” into Google. Although you will get millions of hits and hundreds of pages of results, you will only look at the first five or so hits on the first page. You will also likely ignore the paid or sponsored ads. You want results that come up naturally because of their rankings. Companies need to be on the first page and in the top five hits of search engine results. The way to make that happen is through SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting is the process of inserting keywords into web content and externally posted articles that are linked to your website, products, and services. When people type those keywords into the search engines such as Google, your website or articles about the products/services you provide show up on the first page. Not only will this direct more traffic to your website, the articles provide insight into why your products/services excel. It is the premier form of organic internet marketing.

I’m Write provides SEO copywriting services. We specialize in location based keywords, which can be tricky and do not lend themselves to good grammatical structure. (For example, it is common for phrases like “best pizza Edmonton” to be a high ranking phrase. Changing it to “the best pizza in Edmonton” may alter and lower the search engine result.) We place keywords so naturally into content and articles, few realize they are reading an optimized piece of work.

Articles provided for external posting have very strict guidelines. Often, the company name is not to be mentioned other than the links that route back to the company’s website. This keeps the playing field level, so to speak, in the extremely competitive world of SEO copywriting and SEO marketing. This is not a problem for I’m Write. Working with this broad approach of online marking, I’m Write draws out and writes about the way your products/services are useful and necessary. We back up our writing with well-researched facts and statistics as well as real stories pertaining to the topic. Our work is informative, educational, entertaining, and expertly optimized which means your company’s visibility online increases dramatically – and so do your profits.

Is SEO copywriting ethical and legal? Yes it is. Google and other popular search engines are always on the lookout what is called “black hat SEO methods”, such as keyword stuffing, and penalize the companies that use them. I’m Write provides SEO copywriting that complies with search engine regulations and all our facts come from reliable sources.

I’m Write works with SEO firms and keyword analysts. We provide SEO copywriting to their clients. This is because I’m Write focuses on the writing while the SEO firms focus on which keywords are the most effective for their clients. If you are an SEO firm, web developer, or keyword analyst in search of a great SEO copywriter for large or small projects, contact us. If you are an individual company searching for SEO services, I’m Write can put you in touch with the best providers in the industry. Call today to get started.