Creative writing

Who Needs Creative Writing Services?

You may find the idea of hiring a creative writing service a bit odd. If you are the one with an idea for a novel, have fantastic memories to print, or want to write a deeply moving poem to your loved one, shouldn’t you be the one to write those words? Not necessarily. The words, ideas and feelings may come from your heart, but if you do not have the methodology to put those words onto paper, the sentiment behind them gets lost.

That is where I’m Write comes in. We provide creative writing as part of our line up of services.

Hiring creative writing artists in no way diminishes your work. In fact, it enhances it. Your stories, ideas, thoughts and feelings are put onto paper in your own words and with all of the emotion in which you wish to convey them. The difference is, by using professional creative writing services, you stand a much better chance of getting your work published or posted. If you want to write a book, for example, it does not matter how wonderful and engaging your story is if the publisher cannot get past the first page due to bad grammar, inconsistent formatting, spelling mistakes, unfocused themes and wandering sentences. Professional creative writers, such as I’m Write, will take your story and your words and organize them. You do not want to be bogged down with comma rules, the correct usage of lay or lie in a sentence, or when to use a semicolon; you just want to get the story out! When you hire creative writing services from I’m Write, you can let us worry about those details.

We provide many forms of creative writing:

1. Ghost Writing – Ghost writers write the story, you get the fame and glory. Ghost writers are a popular choice for memoirs, novels, plays, and short stories. Non-disclosure agreements are signed by both parties to protect the contract between the author and writer.

2. Editing – If your story has already been written but you need experienced eyes to edit and polish it so you can present it to publishers, I’m Write’s creative writing department has an experienced editor on staff to help you.

3. Newsletters – Newsletters are a popular way to increase awareness of your brand. However, creating one on your own can be daunting! I’m Write provides the content as well as the layout for newsletters. No matter where you are in your newsletter process (have the layout but no content, have the content but no layout, have the layout and need only a bit of content, have no idea what to do but want a newsletter), our creative writing services can help.

4. Content – If you require funny, factual, parable, historical or any type of creative content for your blog, website, or other publication, I’m Write can provide it for you.

Creative writing is so much more than a good story. In order for your ideas to make an impact, they must be presented professionally and speak to your target demographic. I’m Write’s creative writing team ensures your good ideas get onto paper so you can feel confident presenting your thoughts to the world.