Article writing

What is an Article Writer?

What is an article writer? An article writer is far more than someone that simply creates a few paragraphs on an interesting subject. Here are some of the things an outstanding article writer does:

  1. Meets Deadlines: In the world of publishing and marketing, deadlines are extremely important. When you have a magazine, newspaper, newsletter, or blog that is published on a set schedule, you need an article writer that will pay strict attention to your deadlines. I’m Write is very mindful of deadlines and in most cases will provide your articles with time to spare so changes to your project or revisions can be accommodated.
  2. Does Careful Research: Publishing articles with facts that cannot be backed up by verifiable sources can leave you open to litigation and lower the trust of your readers. I’m Write’s article writers use reliable sources of information to back up the facts, figures and statistics used in our articles.
  3. Informs and Entertains: Readers want to learn from the articles in your publication and they need articles engaging enough to keep them reading to the end. As article writers, we know how to strike the balance between information and entertainment. When the subject matter calls for a light, humours touch, we provide it. When the subject matter is sensitive and calls for decorum and tact, we can do that too. I’m Write provides articles that engage the reader from the opening line to the last period.
  4. Carefully Considers the Target Audience: A single subject can be approached from many different angles. For example, an article for a parenting magazine about baking cookies can include how to bake cookies safety with your five year old child. The same subject, baking cookies, in a lifestyle magazine could focus on using exotic spices to dramatically change the flavor or making the cookies as part of a romantic night with your partner. A good article writer considers the target audience and tailors the material accordingly. I’m Write takes the intended audience into consideration for each article we produce.

A saying says a picture is worth 1,000 words, but any newspaper or magazine editor will tell you that filling a magazine with nothing but pictures is not a smart way to sell a publication! There are times when only words will do and when you need those words to be researched, insightful, impacting, enticing, motivating and entertaining while being delivered on time and on budget, call I’m Write.