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Creative Writing in Business Communications

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “creative writing?” Many people think of creative writing as something that is limited to fiction, poetry, and screen writing. However, adding a little creativity to your writing can have a profoundly positive impact on even the most practical forms of writing. Whether you’re dealing with business communications, curriculum, or corporate reports, spicing things up will make your writing more interesting, allowing you to make a bigger impact.

Just what constitutes creative writing? If you associate creativity with heavy embellishments, fantasy settings, and long winded wording you might have been thinking about it the wrong way. Writing can be creative without going over the top or exaggerating. Being creative can simply mean that you’ve come up with an interesting way to say something; it doesn’t mean that you have to change or exaggerate the meaning of it. For example, in a newsletter to your clients to update them on your business, you can give a boring, play-by-play of your year using jargon and flavorless language, or you can use interesting anecdotes, humour, and metaphor to convey the information they need to know. At the end of it all, the message they receive will be the same, only the second option will be more interesting, so they will have been more likely to stick with it until the end.

Some of the industries that can benefit the most from creative writing are the ones who use it the least. Highly technical, jargon-heavy industries Creative Writing Canadasometimes forget that their clients might not understand (or even be interested) in all of the technical speak that the industry uses internally. Sometimes clients need to purchase a product or service based on the end result, not necessarily the technical specifications. In these instances, be sure to use interesting and memorable ways to describe important pieces of technical information, and keep the language simple and conversational. Using a conversational tone makes it easier to incorporate creativity and humour into your writing.

Of course you do want to be careful to strike a balance. Adding some creativity to your business communications can really make it more interesting and understandable, but remember that there is such thing as too much of a good thing. You don’t want to get too poetic, silly, or experimental when dealing with technical or business information, because then you run the risk of not being taken seriously. Make sure that you continue to keep your writing informative and to the point, and be sure that you maintain a certain degree of professionalism. The key is to add bits of creativity here and there to create a sense of balance.

Creative writing shouldn’t be reserved for novelists and poets; it’s a great way to add dimension to your business writing and corporate communications. If you are looking for ways to add a little creativity to your website or other online communications, contact the team at I’m Write. We’d be happy to provide you with communications that are informative, yet still creative and interesting.

Investing Online with Professional Content Writing

Running a small business in this modern economy is tough, really tough. As small- business owners, we already know that this is just the reality of doing business in the digital age. As always, we know that in order to succeed, we need to keep coming up with new ways of competing in the marketplace – especially the online marketplace. One way of doing this is making sure that we are investing in professional web design and content writing.

We all have virtual lives. An overwhelming number of us rely on the internet, specifically search engines, to give us our news, give us directions,Web Content Writing Services find entertainment, and most importantly, give us recommendations for products, businesses, and services. Investing in professional content writing for your small business is one of the best ways to make sure your company is seen on search engine results. Let’s get real; everybody wants their company’s website to be the first to come up on Google right?

There are many website building and content writing services available that are out there to help make it possible. In fact, it is in its own way a very competitive field. Here are three things to consider when scoping out potential content writing services:

Website Design

Obviously having an expertly designed and well-written company website is essentially a no-brainer – especially for a content writing service provider. So is their website well-organized? Is all the pertinent information readily available? Are there any typos or misspellings on their pages? If they don’t have an amazing, and I mean absolutely stunning company website, they won’t be able to help you build a fantastic one for your business.

Testimonials and Client Lists

A quality client list shows that they mean business and are proud of the quality of work they are able to provide. Follow up on their list by visiting some of clients’ websites and having a look at their content writing work. This will also ensure that their list is credible.

Professional Staff

Anyone who has ever tried to build a website knows how much work is actually involved. Building a grade-A professional website requires a lot of time and a trained team. Be sure that the company you are looking into has an expert and diversified staff of content writers, designers, editors, and managing executives.  Also be sure that the content writing company is clear with you on the services that they are willing to provide as not all companies offer comparable services.

One Canadian-based freelance writing company that specializes in custom-made SEO content and web content writing is I’m Write (http://www.imwrite.ca/). In addition to web-writing, and SEO copy writing they also offer editing services which is great if you are confident in your website’s content but are in need of a trained eye to look over it.

In this digital age, we are constantly being bombarded with product advertisements, sponsored websites, and targeted online marketing campaigns. As small business owners, it is increasingly difficult and ever more important to be able to compete with these big online advertising titans. Having a strong and professional online presence is central in promoting any successful small business that is hoping to compete online. Investing in professional content writing and developing a comprehensive web strategy is just one of the ways we can make our small businesses as competitive as possible in this virtual marketplace.

Why your Brand Needs Creative Writing Help

Why does your brand need creative writing in the mix? It’s simple. Grammar, pizzazz, punctuation, quality, and pop! All of those things that get readers engaged and hurriedly turning to the next page. But wait! What does a creative writer really do? The definition is quite vague, but can include almost everything that is not journalistic, technical or academic in nature.  That means that everywhere else you need to put good words, a creative writer can help. For a growing brand these words are everywhere and they can make or break your image.

Let’s start with the online face of your brand. The only contact the customer has here with you is in your media, your tools, and your words.  Who wrote the words that are on your website right now? Did you? Or did you hire professionals to take care of that? Unless you are a coding guru or bought a cookie cutter website, there is a good bet that you had a professional do it. Did you know that many web design firms use in-house and freelance creative writing services? In the world of web design: Coders-code, Designers-design, and Writers of course write. Let’s face it, the English language is a tricky one and mastering it takes more time than we have available to put in.  This is where creative writing saves your brand.

Creative writers are not just for website content and editing.  They can do so much more for your brand throucreative writing for businessghout your entire organization. They can create motivating employee newsletters, furthermore how about a monthly newsletter to keep in the face of your customers? What about your social media interactions? How many retweets do you get? Creative writing can make online content jump out and pull the reader in. It’s not just the social media sites.  What about a blog?  Today a blog can be an integral part of an online marketing strategy.  For a blog to be effective it has to continually provide meaningful content to the reader.  The task can start out easy, but how much content can you come up with week after week, or worse, daily?  There are many things that should be left up to the professionals, and creative writing is one of them.

Let’s look at this one from another angle. Have you ever wanted to tell the story of your Brand?  Do you want your customers to see where you have been and how you got here? Do you need to sell investors on where you are now and where your brand is going to go? A creative writer can help tell the rich history of your brand in words that do it justice. They can even help in writing the script if you decide that your story needs to make the leap over to video.  Anywhere the voice of your brand is in words, you can use creative writing, except maybe in the legal department! Look no further then I’m Write for the best of these creative services and many more.

Getting Content Writers for Your Online Business

There is a lot of bad information available online. Not only is some of it bad (as in poorly researched or completely fictional) but it written poorly too. Poor writing is one of the first things that turn viewers away. It causes people to question the legitimacy of your site and think twice about investing in your products or services. In many cases this occurs because a business doesn’t have access to content writers, or is determined to handle their website building on their own.

content writers for hireThe problem with this is that, if you know nothing about websites it doesn’t make much sense for you to build one without any professional help. Much like, if you don’t know much about writing (grammar, punctuation, tense etc.) then it doesn’t make much sense for you to write and publish something online. Poor grammar and spelling errors on a professional website makes the business look amateur. Investing in qualified content writers is one of the best ways to guarantee readable, professional content. Most importantly, it’s not very expensive to secure content writers and you still maintain content control. You can dictate the topic written on and even supply relevant reading material to ensure the writers get the facts straight.

Content writers are just that, writers. They may not know much about your industry or your product but research is a major part of their job description. Learning enough about any subject to write about it coherently is what they do – so don’t worry if your business or product is new or complicated – they can still help.

Running a business is a lot of work and having to manage and maintain your online business is perhaps more than most owners or managers can juggle. Most have dedicated or appointed staff to ensure their websites are kept up to date with specials, sales, updated information and products and even simple informational content. Many businesses now run blogs on their websites which help keep their business in the rankings for the major search engines – this assists in brand awareness online. Content writers can help maintain a business’s blog, consistently providing new and relevant posts, or they can write product descriptions and even the static informational content.

Whatever you may need content writers for, they are sure to be an excellent investment. It’s difficult to have an online presence if your business is appearing on the 10th page of search results, as few consumers sift through that much to find what they’re looking for. If you want more hits on your site then you need to be ranking on the first few pages of results. Content writers can provide enough new material weekly or monthly to ensure that you stay relevant in the world of search engines – so don’t underestimate their value.

I’m Write has a staff of talented content writers that can handle anything you throw at them. From difficult keywords to a high volume of work, and they are experienced in everything from social media campaigns to articles and web content. If you need professional content writers, consider us first.

I’m Write Article Writers in Edmonton

What does it take to be an article writer for I’m Write? Does it take a degree in English or journalism? Not necessarily. The I’m Write article writers in Edmonton have a varying background of degrees and experience. One thing they all have in common is the drive to put out great articles and help the clients be successful with their websites or other publications.

To be an article writer in Edmonton for I’m Write, it takes many skills. You must be very organized; each month I’m Write writers are given a list of articles and a deadline to go with each article. This list often has up to 10-15 assignments for each month with many of them having the same deadline. Each writer will look at the list they have and make a schedule of when each article and the research they may have to do for the article needs to be done on time to be edited and revised, if needed, before the deadline.

The I’m Write article writers in Edmonton not only write the articles, but they also have to do any research that writing the article might take. They are given the website for the company they are writing for and what the client wants the article written about. If they want an article written about their product, the writer must learn what the product is and what the selling points of the product are. If a general topic is given they must find a website to not only link in the article but that is where most of the information in the article is found. If the writer is an “expert” in the area they are witting about then they will usually just link the company website for people reading the article to reference and be able to contact the company.

I’m Write article writers in Edmonton not only provide informational articles but they also write for entertainment purposes. Each writer has to be able to not only write a serious piece but be able to switch gears and write an article for a parenting magazine, then switch gears again and write a humor piece. The article writers for I’m Write have to be very diverse writers to be able to write for all different clients. Being able to switch gears like that, with sometimes no time in between, takes a very skilled writer. Which is very true about all of the writers at I’m Write, they all have their own specialty when writing but all of the writers are able to write for all projects.


To be an article writer in Edmonton for I’m Write you have to be not only a good writer but, also a very organized person to keep up with deadlines, be able to research effectively to find the best information and have the goal of not only writing a great article but one that will provide the best representation of the client you are writing for. A lot of companies depend on websites and other publications to generate enough traffic to their website to keep the company running. It is your job to write an article that will make people want to use the company’s services.

Hiring a Professional Article Writer

How do you tell the difference between a professional writer and a recreational one? Do professional writing credentials matter, or can a self-taught recreationalist also serve as a good article writer? As the popularity of social media and personal blogs continues to grow, many companies and organizations are struggling to answer these questions as they look for talented, qualified writers to create promotional and informative material for their online marketing campaigns. Additionally, readers and online audiences often if the authenticity or reliability of what they read online will be affected if an article is not written by a professional.

Though there are many talented writers that have never gone to school specifically for writing, an article writer should have some qualifications in order for their work to be used in a professional setting. If your business is looking for article writers to promote products or services, you should be looking for writers with a proven track record. There are a number of ways that a person can become a qualified professional writer. There’s the more traditional route of receiving a degree in English or journalism, but someone might also be qualified to write for your company because he or she is a subject matter expert. Your clients are likely to trust an article if the writer has experience and expertise in whatever subject the article is dealing with. Some writers start out in newer forms of media, such as blogging, and are picked up by magazines or marketing companies and gain experience this way. Still others merely have a knack for the written word, and can become qualified by passing a writing test or a series of writing tests.


Being that there are so many paths to becoming a qualified, trustworthy writer, it doesn’t make sense to take a gamble on someone who can’t prove their skill or experience. Hiring an article writer to help you with online promotion is a serious decision, so you should be looking for an ideal candidate. If you are still feeling uneasy about the process, your best bet is probably to hire a promotional writing company that has a roster of professional, qualified article writers who can take care of your online promotional writing needs. The greatest advantage to going this route is that you can view the company’s portfolio ahead of time, so there will be no surprises. The roster of writers will be tightly managed as the company would never want to put forward substandard work, and if you are unhappy with one writer’s work, most companies would be happy to have your articles handled by another one of their writers.

Hiring a talented, qualified, trustworthy article writer to provide you with promotional articles and blog posts for your company is an important decision. If you find the right one, it could mean increased traffic for your website and an increase in business for your company. If you would like to view the work of some of the most talented, qualified, and reliable article writers, the team at I’m Write (http://www.imwrite.ca/) can get you set up – contact us today!

SEO Copywriting is Good for Business and Good for You

Do you ever find yourself searching for something online, and maybe you are not entirely sure what you are looking for, but you know the Internet has resources on pretty much every topic out there so you find yourself digging for clues. Soon you are clicking on link by link, going from page to page and before you realize to you are far from whatever you had originally wanted to find. Perhaps worse you might also find yourself completely forgetting what you were originally looking for. Online searches can be frustrating like that, but this can be solved with SEO copywriting.

Many people might argue about the downfall of the English language, but even today words are important. If you have a website, and you want people to know about your website then the words you use on your site are extremely important. Obviously some people might overlook this. Say Johnny Johnson has a website for his Jet Ski Company in Key West, Florida called Johnny’s Jet Skis. How many people are just going to automatically know about his website? Well maybe his family, friends, and current customers, but say you are from Idaho coming down to Key West for a family vacation. Will that person think, “lets see if www.johnnyjohnsonsjetskis.com is a real site?” Probably not, but they might start an online search for “jet skis in Key West.” This is where SEO copywriting is important.


The Internet can be equated to a library – a physical library with books, such as encyclopedias. If you are looking to research or find information about a certain topic you’re not going to just haphazardly start pulling random books off the shelf in hopes of randomly finding the book you need. You could be looking for a Shakespeare play and in the paleontology section. It would be a frustrating waste of time. Instead you might think of the keywords related to the topic of your interest, and do your library search that way. Library books are organized by the Dewey Decimal system, and even before electronic search engines you could go to the card catalogue and look for your topic there. SEO copywriting is like setting up the topics in the Dewey Decimal system of a library. It just makes things a lot easier to find.

Going back to Johnny and his awesome Jet Ski business Johnny is starting to understand why using key words might be good thing for his business. SEO copywriting makes sure that the articles, and information that Johnny has on his site contains key words that people will use to search for jet skis on their next vacation. Will anyone search for Johnny’s awesome Jet Skis? It is not likely. They may, however, be more inclined to search for key words like Jet Skis rentals in Key West or Jet Skis Company in Key West. By using SEO copywriting Johnny can make sure his website contains key words that are relevant to his business, making it easy for potential customers to find his website, and eventually use Johnny’s Jet Skis on their next vacation to Key West.

If you are in need of SEO copywriting expertise, check us out at I’m Write (http://www.imwrite.ca/) for all your website content needs.

Increase Online Presence With Content Writers


In the modern world, a business’s website is often the consumer’s first point of contact. Many people establish their opinion of a company based on their online presence because more people use the Internet to research products and services prior to purchasing them. It’s a way of informing clients about a brand. Having a strong website is key to influencing buyers and positioning a business to the consumer’s liking. Simple navigation, paired with clear and concise information written by professional content writers, makes for a successful website and builds a company’s online reputation.

Before Internet was universally accessible, people found their information about products and services by word of mouth, the yellow pages, telephone and local advertisements. Today, if a consumer wants to research an item or company before he or she does business with them, their first avenue is the World Wide Web. Because of this reason alone, any form of business, large and small, needs to have an online presence in order to survive. A website allows a company to build their brand by controlling the information they share about themselves. It gives consumers an accessible platform to explore at any time. Sharing this open source of information makes businesses credible and defines their reputation. Content writers work on behalf of the company to provide visitors with information about the brand and its identity. By reaching out to an online community, a business can connect with their consumer in a way they never used to be able to. Their website is a vessel in which to engage people and earn their trust and support.

There are other reasons a website is vital to a company’s success. In addition to an information portal, a website can also open up a new market for sales, in store and online. Since websites are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising, businesses may see higher profits with an online personality. With that said, the Internet provides a playing ground for competition. Every company is competing alongside those of a similar market, which is why website presentation is so important. To gain an edge over the competition and win consumers, a company needs to have accurate, clear and concise content written by content writers. If a business is unable to communicate properly, they will have a hard time challenging their rivals and competing in the market.

A business’s online presence is an extension of their staff and brand. Like meeting people for the first time, it’s important they make an impression on the consumer long enough to engage their interest. This can be done with a user-friendly interface, one where an individual can easily navigate to find the information they need. The content should be distilled and concise, which means straightforward and easy to browse, but also informative. Content writers are trained to write content for web pages because they understand the difference between online writing and newsprint, and write accordingly. If you are interested in benefiting from our professional writing services, contact us today.

Creative Writing Forms


Creative writing involves using words as a medium for creative expression. Writers use their imagination to guide words together into union for people to read. This union of words can come in many different forms, including novel, novella, short story, screenplay, poetry and more. Each form offers a unique template for creative wordplay.

Fiction writers aspire to be published, usually in the form of a novel. A novel is a long work of fiction where a plot unfolds in a series of events. Characters are essential to a novel, and generally encounter conflict or challenges along the way. These are just some of the elements that classify a fictional story. Several novels defy the standard narrative, but still exhibit the classic elements of creative writing. Some of the novelists whom have stood the test of time with their classic works are F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby), George Orwell (1984), Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice), John Steinbeck (The Grapes of Wrath), and JRR Tolkien (The Hobbit).

A shorter version of the novel is called a novella. It incorporates the same elements of narrative, such as character, plot and conflict, but resolves in a shorter amount of pages. Often because of its length, novellas lack subplots and extensive detail a novel might include. Several popular novellas in creative writing history are Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which later inspired the film, Apocalypse Now, by Francis Ford Coppola.

Even shorter than a novella, is the popular short story form. Short stories vary in length, but focus on a central event with a couple of main characters. Some short stories essential to the creative writing genre include, Edgar Allen Poe’s A Tell Tale Heart and Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery.

While a novel, novella and short story are similar, a screenplay is a strict form of creative writing that involves visual storytelling intended for television, film, theatre or radio. Performers read aloud dialogue from a script and act out stage directions and movement. Since this is a visual form of writing, the plot, setting, characters and conflict need to be revealed through dialogue or action only. Some famous screenwriters or playwrights include, Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas and William Shakespeare.

Poetry is a form of creative writing that is tough to define. It reveals emotion in rhythmic lines and stanzas. Often the words are flowing to a sound and incorporating musical devices, such as repetition, assonance, and rhyme. The words themselves comprise of images, metaphors, similes and other poetic devices. Poetry is one creative genre that has several forms within it, such as haiku, sonnet, and quatrain. Compared to the other creative forms, poetry defies conventions and is an abstract form of expression. Famous poets include the likes of William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickenson and Oscar Wilde.

Creative writing can take on many forms, including novel, novella, short story, screenplay and poetry. If you are interested in hiring a creative writer, contact I’m Write http://www.imwrite.ca/ today.

Content Writers are key to a Successful Online Campaign

The majority of website hits now come from search engines. Content writers provide the valuable data needed for customers to be able to discover your website.

Companies have been turning to content writers to increase traffic to their websites.  About a quarter of a marketing budget on average is spent on this type of marketing.  The return value for their money is unprecedented. Content writers provide the company with relevant information and data to be used on their website. This can be detailed information about their products and services directly on their webpage or simply interesting stories and articles for blogs and other sites they may be affiliated with.

An interesting website will hold a reader’s attention. If the information on products and services is clear, well laid out and precise, a reader is more likely to become a customer.  Blogs hold the same rules.  Readers will return to sites that have interesting blogs.  They are more likely to follow the links that these bogs and articles discuss.  Readers are also more likely to follow advertising links on the blogs pages.  The key to online advertising is to have good content and an easy way to achieve this is to invest in content writers.

The highest revenue in advertising is search engines. In 2010, it generated 46% of the total revenue from advertising. This was followed by classifieds and directories generating only 10% of the revenue.  Phone books and local listings are no longer the main way to attract customers. Even though they are accessible online they are no longer the first resource a person uses when they are trying to locate a company or service.  Companies are realizing that SEO content is the main way that their websites will be discovered.  However, it is important to remember, that simply being discovered is not enough.  If you want to keep your visitors long enough to turn them into a customer, you need to hold their interest.  By keeping your website, blogs and articles interesting, you will be able to provide the needed information that your visitor is looking for as well as create a new potential customer. Content writers have the necessary experience and skill to be able to provide your website with useful data.

In 2011, 62% of companies received their website content from outside sources.  This was a dramatic increase from 55% the year before.  Now more than ever, companies are realizing the benefits of hiring outside expertise.  Whether it is a one time job to populate a website or a continuous work to provide new and fresh data on a regular basis, your company is your investment, the outside resources quickly turn into a financial benefit.  Outsourcing your content writers gives you the ease of receiving fresh data that your customers will enjoy while still leaving you the time to focus on your product and services.

The internet is now one of the key ways to generate and retain business.  Professional content writers are key to a successful online promotion campaign.  I’m Write can provide you with experienced content writers for your online needs. Whether it is blogs, articles, website updates or even website creation, trust the staff at I’m Write for professional and experienced knowledge.  If you want to create or improve your web space, use the professionals that know how. Talk to I’m Write to see what suggestions they may have for you.